Monday, October 24, 2011

Josh's Bar Night

     I've been enjoying a project that we've been working on this quarter, that started with writing a story.  I decided (with the help of one of my favorite writers, Gabe) to write a story about a man that has a horrible day.  People don't like to read about happiness too much, and it would probably be a boring story to draw without the conflicts that we came up with.  A quick synopsis for you; A poor fella named Josh has just been dumped by his girlfriend, and tired of moping to break up songs, decides to go out on the town.  He gets drunk, rambling sweet nihilistic nothings to anyone around him, eventually leading to a misunderstanding that gets him punched, tossed out, and lost in the city. 
     Anyway, after I had the script it was time to draw.  The interesting part about the comic pages that I'm drawing is that the class has to draw it several times, and completely different shots every time.  This has been pushing me to pick much more interesting camera angles, and I suggest anyone who wants to make a comic try this method out.
     Here is the first set of penciled pages I finished from this technique.

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