Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life Drawing 1

          Ahoy!  Been a while since we've talked.  How are you?  That's fantastic!  So, this quarter I am currently taking Life Drawing 2, which has been great for me.  The observations I've been making seem to be creeping into my comic book work, and it looks awesome, at least to me.  I think it's important to understand more of a classical and fine art background to make some really dynamic comic pages.
          Something else that is important is looking back on past works.  It really puts things in perspective of how far your art has progressed.  In that spirit, here are some drawings from my previous life drawing class.  Next post I'll have my current work, so you'll be able to see the difference.

          This was one of my favorite models, she was graceful and she could sit still without fidgeting for very long stretches.  Unfortunately, the paper we were working with was very unforgiving, it was very rough, and difficult to erase.  This made her face turn out... let's say unrealistic.  And I've never seen this same model again.  /le sigh

          Not much to say about this one except I was proud of how it turned out at the time.  Very smooth and hazy.

          I loved this project.  We initially drew in the entire skeleton, then on top of that we drew from a model while choosing which parts of the skeleton to let show through.  The scale is almost life size as well, so it is very striking to see in real life.  This is a project I wouldn't mind trying again, now that I have more knowledge of anatomy.