Thursday, June 23, 2011

Street View

(Click image to enlarge.)
Aaand we're back to environments!  This shot, as other Savannahians might recognize, is a view of Murphy's that has been acclimated for the comics page.  From working on this, I've learned that the key to making a space believable is 1) perspective.  Learn it.  Learn everything you possibly can from perspective, no matter how boring it is when you're just starting. 2)  Add more shit!  The more things you add to a space, the more "lived in" it feels.  Get as many wires, drains, pipes, lamps, signs, and other details that are necessary for buildings in a shot as you can.  Big blank walls are uninviting and make even something that is right in perspective look wrong.  (Check out the building on the back right to see what I mean.  That definitely needs some texture and wires and things.)

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