Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hipster Hero Storyboards 6

(Click on images to enlarge.)

And now, the hipster story is done!  Or at least as done as it will be in storyboard form.  As I've said before, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to make this into a comic book or even a series.  That will take a little more work, but they are so sassy and cute!  What do you think, would you pick this up at an artist alley?
Also, I would like to take a minute to tell you guys about finals at SCAD.  The noticeable lack of blog updates was due to my underestimating of finals work this quarter.  I worked as hard as I could for as long as I could to churn out my final projects, and I survived!  Yay.  After my working/coffee binge, I took some much needed time off, but now I'm just itching to get some more work done, and I'll be putting any new work I make up here.

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