Monday, October 15, 2012

The APE Haul

I know the people that follow this blog are lovers of art.  But are you art patrons?  The lifeblood of an artist is the people who are willing to shell out their hard earned money for something they consider beautiful.  I think usually the best reason a person who loves art but doesn't buy is because they know that good art is worth big bucks.  But I have a counterargument.

I got all of those pieces at APE for under $15.  That is a ton of artists, and I just threw a little tiny bit of cash and compliments to each of them.  I think you should be willing to do the same.  This might sound like a plea for people to spend money on my art, but it really isn't.  Art is not a person, it is a community, and the people making art should be willing to be patrons too.  I wish I had figured that out sooner myself.

With all that in mind, here's a couple links to my favorite artist finds of APE for you to check out.  (Or tell me your own favorites!)

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