Wednesday, April 18, 2012

          Hello followers!  I adore you all for sticking around, despite my absence.  I promise I did not forget you.  In the in-between time from my last post, I have graduated from SCAD and moved to San Francisco!  Exciting stuff. Within the move though, I have lost my digital camera (booooooo.)  Soon I will have another, and updates will continue as usual, including the thrilling conclusion to my Life Drawing series.
          I have been doing a lot of non-art related work recently, mostly trying to beef up my resume for some new applications.  If you are a fellow artist, I suggest you do the same, right now, don't wait.  It can be an annoying process, but it's important to be able to look professional as well as produce art.  In that vein, I've created a brandyourself profile, check it out here.  I've only just started using it, but it seems like a useful tool to bump up the amount of people who will find you through search results.  Thank you, internet!

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