Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skeleton, Meet Muscles

          For the second round of working with muscles, we had to make our own skeleton and attach it to a base.  For this, we took wire that we bent first in the proper proportions for a skeleton, then bent them again until they were in a pose that we picked.  Then we added the main forms (the head, ribcage, and pelvis) before covering the whole mess with muscles.  After becoming more comfortable with the proportions of the muscles, individually and in their respective muscle groups, the end product comes out as a natural looking human being.

          Oh man, look at that strut.  That swagger.  Dem glutes!  That is one confident-ass (and confident-assed) muscle mannequin.
          I highly suggest that anyone that wants to make stronger drawings of people try this, or any way of building a person in 3D.  You don't have to go into crazy detail, but having the proportions directly in your hands DOES translate to how you draw it on paper.  Plus having a bitty little clay dude to pose is awesome.

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